Aqualung by Jethro Tull

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Smiglef 15 May 2014

The content may not be too appetising but I love the music and and have done for longer than I like to think.   1

brabham4 13 Feb 2015

Saw Ian Anderson last week, touring with the new album Homo Erraticus and the best of Tull... a bit self-indulgent but a lot of fun.   3

riddsteve 18 May 2014

Feeling nasty

Gelf13 19 Mar 2015

heard this one first time 17 years ago

bradbeeblebrux 3 Dec 2011

I am shocked that I've not posted a single song by Jethro Tull yet... I am very disappointed in myself.   3

metallicagirl 2 Mar 2015