Crosstown Traffic by Jimi Hendrix


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but stevenpetrella was first  

I'm on the Isle of Wight. (Slightly tenuous link)   3

andypritchard 19 Sep 2015

"Crosstown Traffic" doesn’t need much explaining however it’s a perfect example of Hendrix's ability to write and perform a conventional pop song.   2

phantomstar 7 Apr 2015

Can't see enough Jimi about when today's his day, let's sort that shit out!   3

Conagh_Murphy 27 Nov 2012

Track, 1969

tedwilkinson 9 Jun 2015

Love the groove ♥ Hendrix is life :) If it doesn't play, try this:   5

berezakrut 28 Aug 2015

The drum track on this is perfect, it's not much but it really adds some punch to the song, especially with how boomy the bass and toms are.   5

blynch5194 6 Jan 2015