Crosstown Traffic by Jimi Hendrix


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Because it took 3 hours to move just 12 miles yesterday. I'm leaving early....   1

kingstontown 1 Apr 2015

"Crosstown Traffic" doesn’t need much explaining however it’s a perfect example of Hendrix's ability to write and perform a conventional pop song.   2

phantomstar 7 Apr 2015

Can't see enough Jimi about when today's his day, let's sort that shit out!   3

Conagh_Murphy 27 Nov 2012

One of the most brilliant guitar solos. Because it took me three hours to go four miles in traffic this afternoon.   4

gingrich1 28 Jan 2014

Love the groove ♥ Hendrix is life :) If it doesn't play, try this:   5

berezakrut 28 Aug 2015

I'm on the Isle of Wight. (Slightly tenuous link)   3

andypritchard 19 Sep 2015