Come Monday by Jimmy Buffett

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but k8lin was first  

"Headin' up to San Francisco/For the Labor Day Weekend show I got my hush puppies on..." #laborday. The homemade video he made for the song in '73 is pretty priceless (but gah! permissions!).

timmuky 30 Aug 2014

one of those good old 70's slow jams

clintrosencran 28 Jan 2014

You all can have your Margaritavilles. As far as I'm concerned, this is the better Jimmy Buffett song.

chuckthewriter 20 Aug 2014

For you John( @Francineshound ), from day one.   1

francineshounds 26 Jan 2014

Not many songs mention Labor Day weekend. Jimmy Buffet does it beautifully.

carouth 31 Aug 2013