I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff


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whooooooooo hoooooooo sun shinning in london,,,and its a great place to be when the current has his hat on,,,,,JIMMY CLIFF has the right idea,,,enjoy while it lasts ,,,WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO   25

kingofmen 17 Mar 2014

It's a bright, sunshinin' day here ...   3

yolandapowell 6 Aug 2014

On a Cliff kick

phillydesign 18 May 2015

As it's a new birth year...

Weekesy 14 Mar 2015

Morning chairdance

bohdisativa 4 Aug 2015

Had to go to a conference this week. The motivational speaker said to be positive and that music was a good start. Here is my attempt to that advice, I won't leave this up too long.

RegisterSeven 22 Mar 2014