The Harder They Come by Jimmy Cliff


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I'd rather be a free man in my grave than living as a puppet or a slave.   3

OnlySimonLucas 5 May 2013

Apparantly we're all much happier now! Pie in the sky?   8

Wildstyle77 30 Jul 2013

The great Jimmy Cliff

JonBravard 9 Feb 2014

Hi all, we hope you're having a great weekend! Our latest post looks at the classic Jamaican film The Harder They Come, and explores the effect it had on reggae music as well as it's killer soundtrack. We hope you enjoy!   2

MVD 23 May 2015

Jimmy Cliff performs his classic on another episode of Guitar Center Sessions. The movie he is talking about before playing is the sleeper hit of 1972 with the same title. It's a great bit of #cheese that may seem dated to some but is well worth the time for Blaxploitation flick fans like myself. trailer and Roger Ebert's review Ebert's friend Roger Corman released this. And check out the Willie Nelson's cover if you want p.s. Goodbye Christopher Lee, it sure was nice knowing you. What a great career on the screen and recording studio   5

LiveSessions 12 Jun 2015