The Middle by Jimmy Eat World


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I'm making a confidence boost playlist. So far, I've got this + "i" Kendrick Lamar "So Fresh, So Clean" Outkast "Let it Happen" Tame Impala Give me your recommendations :)

quandoparamucho 14 May 2015

"Live right now. Yeah, just be yourself."

surfingkitten 9 Aug 2013

#GirlsOnFairgroundRidesWeek, Day 3. You BET I can find a week's worth of jams for this hashtag...   5

thesunneversets 16 Oct 2013

Great song for Monday.

Histrionica 6 Apr 2015

One of the most feel good tracks of all time.

heyrichey 24 Jan 2012

#amazing #song Love it   2

Kelly_Ochoa 21 Jun 2013