The Middle by Jimmy Eat World


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Truer words may never have been turned into pop song lyrics. =) "Live right now Just be yourself It doesn't matter if that's good enough for someone else It just takes some time Little girl, you're in the middle of the ride Everything, everything will be just fine Everything, everything will be all right"

keithgapinski 8 May 2015

Great song for Monday.

Histrionica 6 Apr 2015

#amazing #song Love it   2

Kelly_Ochoa 21 Jun 2013

One of the most feel good tracks of all time.

heyrichey 24 Jan 2012

reminds me of someone idk

lizziewhite 20 Apr 2014

I'm making a confidence boost playlist. So far, I've got this + "i" Kendrick Lamar "So Fresh, So Clean" Outkast "Let it Happen" Tame Impala Give me your recommendations :)

quandoparamucho 14 May 2015