The Weakness In Me by Joan Armatrading

“Awful picture. Great song.”

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Awful picture. Great song.   1

ken1 17 Jul 2012

First heard this song off of the '10 Things I Hate About You" soundtrack back in the 90s...another lifetime ago. Then recently I was reminded of Joan Armatrading from another jam sometime last week and a bulb lit up! Man, what a voice.

Vickipedia 28 Jul 2014

Joan knows.

bibilynch 9 Aug 2014

Joan blew me away with this in concert last night.

tinpanscally 8 Nov 2014

For a whole lot of reasons, when I met with Jess Ross today I said have you heard this song? Bearing in mind it's a track from an album released before you were born... erm ....enjoy! Shirley don't think I didn't remember you.

nickeane 23 Apr 2015