Go Long by Joanna Newsom

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SOFT BREAKING BAD SPOILERS AHEAD.  Newsom examines the Bluebeard fable in this song, but all I hear is a reaction to the decisions and consequences of Walter White. 1. "But you don't even know/ your own violence./ Run away from home —/ your beard is still blue" 2. "Who made you this way?/ Who made you this way?/ Who is going to bear/ your beautiful children?/ Do you think you can just stop,/ when you're ready for a change?/ Who will take care of you/ when you're old and dying?" 3.  "Will you tuck your shirt?/ Will you leave it loose?" 4. (From Skyler's perspective) "Wolf-spider, crouch in your funnel nest./ If I knew you, once,/ now I know you less./ In the sinking sand,/ where we've come to rest,/ have I had a hand in your loneliness?" Of course Badfinger's "Baby Blue" was a perfect song to end the series. But this song is a perfect runner-up. And what is Heisenberg but the 21st century reincarnation of the terrible, terrifying outlaw Bluebeard?   1

holderch5 31 Aug 2014

Bill Callahan as Bluebeard and a last stanza which appears to include three cryptic references to Will Oldham albums; Ms Newsom at her enigmatic best.   7

BelloDiNotte 14 Feb 2014

always no matter what

leighalexander 8 Apr 2012

wolf-spider, crouch in your funnel nest. if i knew you once, now i know you less. in the sinking sand where we've come to rest, have i had a hand in your loneliness?

mccauleykr 5 Apr 2015

I need to re-buy this album. Disc #2 Forever. Break-up Jams.

carlyo 16 Mar 2013

This woman is one of the best lyricists ever.

kaitlinw 5 Feb 2013