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What is a feeling I'm afraid.

plasticandwire 29 May 2013

Just found this track the other day. I really like this weirdo indie electronica take on black metal, but this is the only track the band does like this as far as I know. Also, the video is hilarious.

inkmo 25 Sep 2014

Saw them years ago-- amazing. Re-reminded of them today when Laroquette (also of Uhh Yeah Dude) was on WTF.

misseuropa 23 Apr 2013

#FreakOut - I know I haven't finished the alphabet yet - I'll get there - I don't know if this is really 'freak-out' music, but I freaked out when I viddied it the first time, in an amazed, this is awesome & how did I miss this way. #SausageGram #ProjectileBlood :D   9

crimsonghost 22 Jan 2015