4'33" by John Cage

“My Albums and Books of 2013.”

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My Albums and Books of 2013.   26

Bukowski 31 Dec 2013

One of the most beautiful compositions in the history of music.   2

nicolauacornpro 19 Aug 2013

a homage to the 3 hour @thisismyjam 'downtime' from 22:00 UTC   9

d0minic 27 Mar 2014

[this is about as much as my voice can do right now] 4'33" by John Cage is my new jam.

cascio 12 Jan 2015

There are many covers of John Cage's "Four Minutes And Thirty Three Seconds" but this one is of high audio quality, conducted by Lawrence Foster for The BBC Four with the accompaniment of a full orchestra. While Cage originally wrote his piece merely for piano, I feel an orchestral approach amplifies the ambient possibilities, and also drives home both socio-political and enviro-cultural points that Cage's 4'33" so gloriously confronts. If you have never experienced this work before please keep an open mind. Some argue this is not music, but quite the contrary, Cage's 4'33" reminds all of us that the universe itself sings in ways we often take for granted. Since the days of Pythagoras in ancient Greece, mankind has contemplated the humbling and yet awe-inspiring revelation that, from our heartbeats to the powerful silence of our two Voyager spacecraft hurtling through space, we are all contributing in some small way to musica universalis: The Harmony of the Spheres!   2

ZachsMind 7 Dec 2014