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Lost Themes (Sacred Bones Records, 2015)   8

sarahbadr 14 Jan 2015

Listen to this on the walk home at 4am on a Saturday night for maximum enjoyment/fear

cabbeh 22 Feb 2015

Ace soundtrack composer has his debut non-OST album out next month.   2

simonp 14 Jan 2015

John Carpenter wrote this album with a familiar, but reversed goal in mind. Instead of creating music for an existing piece of film, he wrote these pieces hoping it would inspire cinema to match the musical moods. New Retro Wave? Or a return to form? You decide.

rxblx 23 Apr 2015

something a bit dark and dramatic!   4

colinflynn28 19 Feb 2015

as vivid and cinematic as his scores, listening to Lost Themes evokes imagery of crumbling distopian cityscapes. outstanding.

_seph 12 Feb 2015