Chicken Bones by John Grant

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but agent37 was first  

Off to see the hairy sweary John Grant tomorrow - can't wait.   10

AndyWilkinson 24 Jun 2014

This is my "shit...I can't believe it's Monday already jam"....HAD to jam this one this song lol   1

cheezgiz 8 Dec 2014

Chicken Jones by @johnwgrant #ThisIsMyJam #HashtagAllTheThings

Rantz 24 Mar 2015

Following my bone theme.   4

smette 23 Jun 2013

John Grant's soiled superhero couldn't take any more shit. I know how he feels.

backwards7 30 Jan 2015

A thematic break before things get too maudlin. Instead, let's celebrate the soon-to-be-lost art of the #chickenjam.   3

crawtonleek 25 Sep 2015