Sigourney Weaver by John Grant


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Love the lyrics to this and his song "Chicken Bones" too

rob_hillfield 11 Jan 2013

From the best gig of the year. Hell probably the joint best gig ever.

brianwrose 16 Dec 2014

The greatest song about feeling out of place from one of the greatest albums ever composed. Plus, it has a Winona Ryder reference, which makes it both weird and awesome.   3

Fwedhead 20 Jan 2015

Just when you think that you've heard everything and there is nothing, or no-one who will move you again, along comes @JohnGrant, and his song #SigourneyWeaver and his album #QueenofDenmark

bradscanlan 8 Dec 2014

I do in fact feel a bit like this at the moment. Probably on account of having to kill those aliens...

vicaviber 12 Apr 2013

Feeling like Winona Ryder in 'that movie about vampires' who 'couldn't get that accent right'. :0)   3

jonnyneale5 7 Sep 2012