Johnny Remember Me by John Leyton

“Holy GOD, this song is incredible.”

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Holy GOD, this song is incredible.

rabbitroom 28 Jul 2015

Bit of an Oldie for a Sunday! Always remember this record being played in our household when I was a young whipper snapper :) always liked it but ive never actually seen the video until now. Oh, what a crooner he was! :) quite a haunting little number   5

colinflynn28 20 Sep 2015

I heard this fabulous tune on 'Sounds of the Sixties' just last Saturday..., and it grabbed really is made number 1 in the UK August 1961, was banned by the BBC for being a 'death song' was Joe Meek's first number 1 as well....what an incredible sounding eerie song it is.....and the video!...those crazed fangirls look like they're going to rip him apart!   14

philipnareike 25 Aug 2015

Fantastic Joe Meek production   1

AndyMack 2 Jul 2013

Joe Meek classic, allegedly co-written by Buddy Holly via ouija board.   14

seaofheartbreak 9 Mar 2014