Spencer The Rover by John Martyn

“How to perform folk with soul”

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How to perform folk with soul   1

GilGillespie 6 Nov 2014

The line about children in this always makes me quiver. RIP John Martyn. Brilliant writer and performer.

adrian4acn 15 Apr 2012

John Martyn just being magical

davy.larkins 1 Aug 2014

JM Week #2 This one gets me all 'neckhairy' for the lines ... "And his children come around him with their prittle prattling stories With their prittle prattling stories to drive care away And he's as happy as those As have thousands of riches Contented he'll remain and not ramble away" It's the delivery as much as the lyric & sentiment as I know it's not an original John song. Gets me every time.   1

adrian4acn 5 Aug 2013

I'm just in the mood for something very mellow and songs don't come much more mellow than this. Not just one of my favourite JM tracks, but one of brilliant actress Kristin Scott Thomas's as well. She chose it as one of her eight tracks for Desert Island Discs.

cwparker 23 Dec 2014

With the night fast approaching, to the woods he resorted With woodbine and ivy his bed for to make...

johnl 27 Feb 2012