You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve by Johnny Boy

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but marsvolta1985 was first  

A great big wall of sound and one of my favourite singles.   2

MotherFist 14 Jan 2015

What a *tremendous* band Johnny Boy could have been - this doesn't sound nearly long enough in retrospect...   2

whereismyquiz 27 Jun 2012

Fantastic tune, even if such a long title makes it a touch tiring to find in this day and age of computer input. Deserves to be more widely know and more wildly loved

PersonalNadir 27 May 2015

Consumerist / capitalist critique in song part one: Jonny Boy - You was the generation who bought more shoes and you get what you deserve

KarlSabino 3 Oct 2014

Near perfect.   2

samhumphries 26 Apr 2012

This song makes everything better.

marsvolta1985 16 Dec 2011