Abandon Window by Jon Hopkins

“Not exactly a floor filler but all kinds of mesmerising.”

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Not exactly a floor filler but all kinds of mesmerising.

atrvrs 28 Jun 2013

Doesn't always have to be RAH RAH RAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, here's the king of the mix being ludicrously beautiful

GilGillespie 31 Oct 2014

Absolutely beautiful. Eno esque. Can't listen without crying a wee bit.

Lucycaroline 4 Feb 2015

starting to hate the amount of restricted videos i've found of this album D:<   3

ThingInABook 10 Jun 2013

i heard this on the tv the other night... such a beautiful piece, so perfect   8

woz 8 Aug 2015

Unseen Music, 2011

sarahbadr 15 Dec 2011