Vessel (Four Tet Remix) (2010) by Jon Hopkins


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I'm using this one in dance class this week and its sense of perpetual motion makes the giant room feel small.

jennibregman 21 Feb 2012

The original has a power of its own but FT's got the Midas touch

the_red_chili 9 Dec 2013

just discovered Jon Hopkins. mighty! and this video is well trippy.   1

monkchips 3 Jun 2013

This is a great track. The vid is good too, despite there being a girl with a bra on her head!

GilGillespie 22 Nov 2013

on our plate today : an eye candy with its bed of smooth sugary flavoured organic ear fruits. Fresh served chill.   5

hanaofangel 21 Mar 2014