Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton


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Code Monkey not thinking so straight, Code Monkey not feeling so great...

mich8bsp 19 Dec 2014

Still pissed about you axing a great show, G4. I guess the whole 'dead network' thing makes up for it.

venom517 31 Mar 2013

I like code monkeys.

ladamenoire 29 Apr 2014

code monkey very simple man with big warm fuzzy secret heart

butiamhome 9 Apr 2014

I need to record a sequel to Code Monkey titled "Code Monkey Sit All Day in Office Drink Ton of Mountain Dew, Code Monkey Cannot Save Universe Because Too Fat."

sudocoda 1 Apr 2014

I love Jonathan Coulton. #CodeMonkey   2

SoAndyway 17 Sep 2014