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janeeyre72 16 Apr 2014

Finding a 'favourite' Joni Mitchell track is pretty impossible, she has created so much stunning music covering such a variety of styles. This however is certainly very near the top and one of my most played songs. It is life affirming, and captures all the joy of a free spirit in the late 60's. Joni's voice is truly unique and never better than here. Pretty video too of where the song was inspired. Peace and Love... ;-)   1

philgeorge54 3 Nov 2014

One of my fav Joni songs. I hear she is expected to make a good recovery : )   11

lindatee 29 Jun 2015

Creases down the front of your jeans - is that still a no go area? A track intro here that it's good to hear once - followed, obviously, by the track!   10

andybartlett 3 Sep 2014

Currently reading "Girls Like Us" about Carole King (yay!), Joni Mitchell (yay!), and Carly Simon (ugh, so not in the same league as the other two, but the connecting thread seems to be having dated James Taylor (ugh again)). This has been getting stuck in my head lately, as I've been listening to Blue while reading.

elkrafto 8 Jun 2014

Happy Friday, everyone! have a fun one! :) Also, happy canada day long weekend for all my fellow canadians!   12

terence 28 Jun 2013