Cry Me a River by Julie London

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Yes, please.

jessicafrey 5 Mar 2013

Who'd have guessed it. When I'm hammered I hallucinate Julie London too! Don't you?   5

rocknrollisking 20 Sep 2014

Was introduced to this song many years ago when I was working as a roadie on a Marie Wilson tour - keep coming back to it when it's chill out time.   2

JezBurtonshaw 23 Mar 2015


mollycarroll 23 Feb 2012

"Told me you were through with me and now you say you love me. Well, just to prove you do, Come on and cry me a river, cry me a river I cried a river over you..."

esmyluna 13 Apr 2015

The "love is too plebeian" line kills me every single time.

treefell 9 Feb 2015