Cry Me a River by Julie London

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Yes, please.

jessicafrey 5 Mar 2013

Was introduced to this song many years ago when I was working as a roadie on a Marie Wilson tour - keep coming back to it when it's chill out time.   2

JezBurtonshaw 23 Mar 2015


mollycarroll 23 Feb 2012

When I was a young child (remember black and white television?), one of my favorite shows was "Emergency" with my hero "Dixie" (female hero's,( true heros) in those days were few and far between, I had Dixie and Uhura.) I grew up wanting to be a nurse ( I am, thank you Julie) and dreamed of space. In my early twenties I found out that not only did Dixie act, she is one hell of a singer. She, in my humble opinion, has no equal in this song (sorry Ella, I love you). Her smoky, sensual voice, is perfect for any evening by the fire or sitting on the deck, glass of wine hand; she just sets the tone with her "come hither voice". I posted an interview from Life Magazine with her, such a humble, regal women., Also check out the movie "The Girl can't Help it" for her singing this song   23

christineb 6 Aug 2013

Who'd have guessed it. When I'm hammered I hallucinate Julie London too! Don't you?   5

rocknrollisking 20 Sep 2014

The "love is too plebeian" line kills me every single time.

treefell 9 Feb 2015