DVNO by Justice

“One for @ross_turner and @richiejape. Amazing video!”

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One for @ross_turner and @richiejape. Amazing video!

tadywankenobi 12 Feb 2012

'cause details make the girls sweat even more

twin 5 Mar 2014

I have no idea why this song reappeared in my head a few days back, but I'm glad it did! That bass solo!   1

CallumPetch 23 Apr 2013

Justice's album "Cross" is basically a perfect album, second only to Daft Punk's "Discovery" in techno greatness. DVNO isn't my favorite track off the album, but it has one of the greatest videos ever. Anyone who grew up in or adjacent to the 80s, get ready for a Care Bear Stare-blast of nostalgia.

lifeless1 3 Aug 2015

This just started playing in my head. Dunno what triggered it..

akshayroongta 19 Feb 2015