Waters Of Nazareth by Justice

“Kettle drums in popular music. A good thing.”

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Kettle drums in popular music. A good thing.

stuarthoughton 7 Jul 2014

2003-2013 ! It's time for us to remember 10 years of ED BANGER RECORDS. 3/10   1

FreshGentleman 16 Feb 2013

So I failed my A-Levels (relatively speaking) and none of my universities want me. Crank up the Justice.   1

CallumPetch 16 Aug 2013

It's that kind of day

peterisms 28 Feb 2012

If I ever go to a club, this is what I want playing when I walk in.

ebrefka 20 Mar 2014

The first time I heard this song, it pretty much gave me a headache. Now I love it. Who would have guessed?

thenearbybronco 28 Apr 2014