“Listen and enjoy the 20/20 experience.”

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Listen and enjoy the 20/20 experience.

wronbasabe 31 May 2013

Good memories <3

BaltimoreGal 18 Mar 2015

When you've had under two years of plenitude, you just know it's just the start of God's greatest path for you. Life can be so equally unexpected and beautiful. This pick is all about that.

younglion 20 Feb 2015

my mirror's staring back at me. what a tune. dem dance moves doe. #slayitJT #thisismyjam #JT #mirrors

iKATx 12 Feb 2015

He has finally gone back to some good music!!   1

Loopylass 14 Apr 2013

I was bound to post a super pop song at some point in time. I will admit it's a tad bit overplayed. It's extremely catchy, though :).

terence 25 Oct 2013