Wishing It Was You by K.Flay

“I've got room in my apartment”

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I've got room in my apartment

Molly_Morrow 19 Jul 2015

new album from k.flay this week. It's good stuff!

MasterDave 25 Jun 2014

Been jammin this whole album...but something about this song speaks to me...and makes me thirsty.

etcreates 9 Jul 2015

Really digging the new album

taShepard 6 Jul 2014

Love love love this jam! The entire debut full-length @kflay album, really. #LifeAsADog is soo tight! I can't get "Wishing It Was You" outta my head

Neesh 13 Jul 2014

A strong contender for "Dirtiest Lyric to Get Stuck In My Head" for 2014.   2

boredJonathan 18 Nov 2014