Stronger by Kanye West

“I have played this to motherfucking death recently.”

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I have played this to motherfucking death recently.

waferbaby 27 Jun 2012

Because reasons.

GilbranoS 13 Jan 2014

Today is the day I can apply for my decree absolute on a marriage that cost me over 10 grand in money and over 3 thousand twitter followers, my health and my sanity. It's a cliche, but sometimes life is. I have no money, I have no 'twitter big wig status' I am the scarlet woman. I'm also happy!!! I'm almost 5 stone lighter, in a new job I love, have kept the few friends that were important, and most importantly with the love of my life. Who has changed my life beyond recognition. So while I won't cheer about it over there over here I will raise a glass to the end of a time that 3 thousand people think they know the story about, but in reality know very little about. Silly twitter. Silly marriage, silly Bekki. You did right in the end though girl x   7

BekkiSymes 21 Aug 2013

What an awesome sampling. #genius I used to dislike rap and Kanye, but after actually listening to him (particularly this song), I've changed my mind.

genius 9 Jun 2015

Come to mama, friday! ;)

TatiCavalcantee 2 Jan 2012


srinath 20 Aug 2014