Rapt by Karen O

“Love’s a fucking bitch. @calydie

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Love’s a fucking bitch. @calydie

kalutek 27 Sep 2014

Do I really need another habit like you?

aanaibm 1 Mar 2015

She is back and on top form! Was she ever off form anyway?! I don't think so! Take a bow #kareno ❤️👏💜   1

TheKatePaterson 29 Jul 2014

Do I really need Another habit like you? Do you need me too?

MonseMurua 7 Sep 2015

stripped down (raw) & wonderful. a tune off of her "new" 'crush songs' record.   5

stumbelina 28 Jul 2014

"Bright as a star"

rodriguessbruna 8 Nov 2014