Treat by Kasabian

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“I've lived with 48:33 for 3 months now, and it's between this and "Bumblebeee" for my favourite track.”

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I've lived with 48:33 for 3 months now, and it's between this and "Bumblebeee" for my favourite track.   4

CallumPetch 6 Sep 2014

Everybody knows I work it, work it like a treat.

krystabartok 30 Jan 2015

Didn't know what to expect from the new Kasabian album after "eez-eh" dropped, but I was pleasantly surprised. treat is one of my favourites from the record (June Jam #4)

RyanWilliams 9 Jun 2014

Rippled and chocolatey.

PixelAnj 27 Jun 2014

Treat by Kasabian - Brilliant track off new album!

tommy104 14 Jun 2014

#Top31Tracksof2014: Kasabian are one of my very favouritest bands ever, so they were practically guaranteed a spot somewhere on this list. That said, I feel that "48:13" is possibly the weakest of their albums to date, the highs are extraordinarily high, but the lows are uncharacteristically just plain bad (*coughcoughglasscough*). Hasn't stopped me from spinning the full album, and especially the highs, countless times these past seven months, of course. "Treat", from the first time my ears caught wind of it, has been by far my favourite off of the record. It has the cocksure swagger of vintage Kasabian, but places extra emphasis on the underrated rhythm section of Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews, the former's groovy bass locking in tightly with the latter's rocksteady beat to push the dancier side of the band to the forefront. And then when the second half of the song just becomes a Haçienda throwback? Glorious! Also, you should REALLY see this performed live. #bestof2014

CallumPetch 29 Jan 2015