Babooshka by Kate Bush

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but kempster was first  

Sorry to rub it in folks but I'M ON CLOUD NINE! My Uncle Richard used to sing this to me when I was a kid because my hair was reminiscent of the great Madam Bush. Loved her all my life. To see her live is something I never even dreamed of.   3

purlpower 26 Mar 2014

Sucks that I'm missing seeing Kate Bush live :(. Love this mad bird.   7

pwoperfish 31 Aug 2014

I was thinking yesterday how lucky I was growing up in the 70s and 80s with such amazing female role models. Kate Bush is such an amazing lady and a wonderful musician. Such an inspiration to a little girl obsessed with music and dance :)   37

abigail.deeks 19 Jun 2013

Great song. Great album. Great, great, great.

psafloyd 3 Dec 2014

Now this is an artist.

RandomRick 6 Nov 2014

4-day earworm.

MattVal242 4 May 2015