Die Young by Ke$ha

“dgaf ♥Reminds me of good times♥”

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dgaf ♥Reminds me of good times♥

Vom_Squad 9 Oct 2013

About as far from my usual taste in music as I could get, but I became obsessed with the song after seeing this fan animated video. ^.^

EstragonHelmer 16 Nov 2014

Still obsessed with this song.

EstragonHelmer 22 Nov 2014

Final Jam, y'all! Let's go out with a bang and make the most of it! ^.^

EstragonHelmer 21 Sep 2015

Still obsessed with this song. In fact, I'm considering making it my new Eternal Jam.

EstragonHelmer 10 Jan 2015

For the last few weeks until TIMJ gets archived, I'm gonna share some of my favourite jams from the time I've been here. If y'all wanna keep up with me, you can still find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EstragonHelmer

EstragonHelmer 11 Aug 2015