Smiles and Tears by Keiichi Suzuki

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RavenRationale 13 Jul 2015

And with this concludes my final jam. I figured I'd put one more bonus jam in that made sense to end it on. Though I'm sad to see the service go, I'm glad I got to be a part of it in some way. So, what better way to end my jam sharing that with my favorite credit song. Enjoy.   1

vincent404 25 Sep 2015

Goodbye Iwata-san

crikeyJoe 13 Jul 2015

d'aaw, i've had this song stuck in my head like a dope the past few days. DOPE.

almondette 10 Jul 2012

This song seemed appropriate as the long weekend finally comes to a close. Thank you so much. All of you.

Menchi25 26 Mar 2013