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“So named for being the average human body temperature”

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but timparker was first  

So named for being the average human body temperature   2

Sugarminott 14 Jan 2014

step up

twumble 5 Feb 2015

Suddenly had this late 60s one-hit wonder stuck in my head.

stevensanders 6 Sep 2013

For those days when you just need some cheesy 60s pop celebrating normal body temperature....

Domino911 11 Jun 2014

#Fahrenheit - a very confusing way of measuring temperature, as well as pretty nasty perfume all the cool guys used in highschool. But I must say, it works great in this song. 37 just doesn't have the same schvung.   27

Avante 30 Apr 2014

does anyone remember this song i hope you like it your friend scotty have a very nice day

guitarman 17 Apr 2014