Doubt by Kele

“Good, isn't it?”

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Good, isn't it?

davidemery 19 Aug 2014

@keleokereke Really diggin' this song. Soulful, meaningful, house dance music.

frederickpolk 17 Aug 2015

I've already had three jams nowt, so this one's really surprised me

riddler_machine 12 Sep 2014

Last seen putting out a heavy rock album with Bloc Party, Kele Okereke is now back on his own making dark, atmospheric dance music. It's this effortless genre-hopping with each record that has made Kele one of the seminal artists of the last decade in my opinion, with new track Doubt another fine example of the great music he is able to produce. Enjoy!

kblakesley 19 Aug 2014

at 2:20: I like the break between "tell me" and "do you feel" and his intonation of the word " #feel " during the refrain.

arachnocop 16 Oct 2014

New album <3   1

kaydo 11 Nov 2014