Kim Chee Taco Man by Kelley Stoltz

WindmillBrixton’s jam on 22 Jan ’14 and then once after that (See all)

“KELLEY STOLTZ (@thirdmanrecords) plays the Windmill 25th Feb

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KELLEY STOLTZ (@thirdmanrecords) plays the Windmill 25th Feb

WindmillBrixton 4 Feb 2014

Amazing song and video. Double Exposure is the best Kelley Stoltz record yet. I love the space in this jam.

goldengram 15 Oct 2013

Another great new song from an artist i know nothing about. Cheggit.   3

MagicAlexDJS 8 Sep 2013

Splendid tune from Kelley Stoltz's great new album. He's playing the Windmill on 25 Feb

WindmillBrixton 22 Jan 2014

Kelley Stoltz's new record came out yesterday. My pre-ordered copy hasn't arrived yet. Until it does, I'll make do with this new video.

willcrain 25 Sep 2013