Kim Chee Taco Man by Kelley Stoltz

WindmillBrixton’s jam on 22 Jan ’14 and then once after that (See all)

“KELLEY STOLTZ (@thirdmanrecords) plays the Windmill 25th Feb

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KELLEY STOLTZ (@thirdmanrecords) plays the Windmill 25th Feb

WindmillBrixton 4 Feb 2014

Another great new song from an artist i know nothing about. Cheggit.   3

MagicAlexDJS 8 Sep 2013

Splendid tune from Kelley Stoltz's great new album. He's playing the Windmill on 25 Feb

WindmillBrixton 22 Jan 2014

Kelley Stoltz's new record came out yesterday. My pre-ordered copy hasn't arrived yet. Until it does, I'll make do with this new video.

willcrain 25 Sep 2013

Amazing song and video. Double Exposure is the best Kelley Stoltz record yet. I love the space in this jam.

goldengram 15 Oct 2013