Everything I Own by Ken Boothe

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Is there someone you know, Your loving them so, But taking them all for granted? You may lose them one day. Someone takes them away, And they don't hear the words you long to say.   4

bloggerlees 10 Apr 2014

One of the best covers, by anyone, of anything........   10

obadiah99 31 Oct 2013

Perfect simple arrangement and a perfect vocal. Never get tired of this.

Rodimus_Prime 23 Jan 2015

my new favorite part may be the blazer at ~00:45

pocrespo 18 Oct 2014

Could make my all time top 100.   2

briannaughton7 7 May 2014

Version version.... A brilliant cover and probably the earliest Reggae song I remember.

adrian4acn 3 May 2012