“Ik doe met je mee @elmarwouters! This is my new jam!”

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Ik doe met je mee @elmarwouters! This is my new jam!

janishier 13 Oct 2014

Who's that Lamar? Isley myself.   2

aarrnnee 23 Sep 2014

An unbelievably good album. It's probably going to rank very high on my end of year list.   2

mpgabster 23 Apr 2015

This should make you shout "I love myself!" along. If it doesn't, uuhhm, you should find someone to help you! Shout together!

JanWillem 29 Apr 2015

Nevermind the intro, this song is a ton of fun.   1

SpencerCongdon 7 Jan 2015

I love myself 🎵🎶❤

xnnxlxsx 21 May 2015