m.A.A.d city by Kendrick Lamar

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the_fox 25 Oct 2013

The second half of this song has the best old school Compton sound. So good. #Kendrick

jasonchristian 4 Sep 2013

wake yo punk ass up.

ignition 7 Dec 2013

3. The best little slice of Compton since The Game's early mixtapes.

AliJandro 4 Dec 2012

Easily the best song on the album. While they're all fantastic, once I play this one, I can't help but feel tense and thinking "Oh, shit just got real". Kendrick does a fantastic job painting a disturbing and chilling scene in the song.

MCMinus 18 Apr 2014

Song is pure genius! Plus, featuring artist is Ryder from GTA: San Andreas.

MaadMiike 30 Aug 2013