The Recipe ft. Dr. Dre by Kendrick Lamar

“Women, weed & weather (they come for).”

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Women, weed & weather (they come for).

jarred 18 Apr 2012

Absolutely loving the beat on this track right now!!

JustinTKain 2 May 2013

THIS is rap.

seanberlin 4 Apr 2012

It's a phase.   1

Sarah0s 12 Apr 2012

I wish it was the summer and I had a car. Cruising music.

eatmorebikes 21 Apr 2012

Bo12: This is a brilliant collaboration between Lamar, Dre and the unnamed female singer who provides the siren-like motif for the entire song. This is the official video but before I put it up, I reviewed a live performance by Lamar with Dre--without the girl, the rap falls flat. Best of 2012, just the same in this studio version!

restless941 21 Dec 2013