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got this stuck in my head earlier today. great song from a great soundtrack from an excellent movie.

weedcobra 18 Apr 2014

A good song and an excellent film!

lauramcgeachin 2 Apr 2014

Rewatched The big Lebowski my fave #scene & #track #biglebowski #thedude #elduderino #KennyRogers #1stEdition

peter_d_henry 17 Apr 2015

Never expected to jam Kenny Rogers, but here goes... #Filmtunesjamweek   13

thisismymistake 7 May 2013

My favourite scene from one of the best movies ever, The Big Lebowski   2

DiDarling 18 Mar 2015

This song starred in "The Big Lebowski" and in my youth - my 'rents had the album & my dad "flew" this band.

RKDarnell 26 Apr 2013