Sick Beat by Kero Kero Bonito

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Time warp!

ColdWarCudi 17 Sep 2014

Japanese rap made by three people from London? Yes. Yes this is the kind of music that I listen to.

adamstardust 28 Jul 2015

Wait till the end...   2

Coren 12 Nov 2014

"I could win at any game, whether you're a boy, or a girl, or a supercomputer"

noii 4 Mar 2014

Whichever console you play, no matter how many hours a day, I could win at any game. Whether you're a boy or a girl or a supercomputer. It's often said, I should get some girly hobbies instead but that thought fills me with dread. I'm not into sewing, baking, dressmaking, not-eating, bitching, submitting.

Tagical 22 Apr 2015

ψ(`∇´)ψ #KKB #videogame #bonito

Rveigapaixao 20 Apr 2015