Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes by Kevin Ayers

“"Thank you, very, much."”

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"Thank you, very, much."

mrcolmquinn 20 Feb 2013


JamesdelaRue 15 Jun 2015

This is often my jam.

rachelgrahame 25 Jul 2013

Came across this on a jukebox and had to play it for the title alone! (I'm like that, what can I say...). Of course I discovered an absolute gem of song. Take a listen see if you agree. @karenmonid   2

Projstudio 15 Aug 2014

Nice guy. Meet 'em everywhere.   1

bwhitman 30 Oct 2011

Kevin Ayers (1944 to 2013) was an English singer/songwriter and musician.   5

rest_in_peace 24 Feb 2013