Unknown Jam by Khun Narin Phin Sing

“I have no idea but this is awesome.”

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but moogsquirrel was first  

I have no idea but this is awesome.

BryantD 6 Mar 2013

Strange, Heavy Psychedelic Guitar Shreddage at a Thai Family Event ?   3

Clash_Presley 2 Nov 2012

Beautiful thai psych. Album supposedly in the works.   13

drauks 1 Feb 2014

ขุนนริทร์ศิลป์พิณประยุกต์ Thanks to Adam Cottle for finding   3

wizzard 30 Oct 2012

yeah, this is really more like it

pixmaven 12 Sep 2014

picnic psych jam in Thailand! Google Translate says that means "Khun John Ritter's Harp Gallery application"??   1

kryystof 8 Mar 2013