Disco Dancer by Kiki Gyan


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but Han was first  

Tragic story, but brilliant album. 70s Ghanaian disco.   2

McKelvie 9 Dec 2012

Can't stop listening to this album. So glad I discovered @soundway records last weekend. DISCO DISCO!   6

Han 7 Dec 2012

Ghanaian Disco. Poor guy rose to fame early only to have an unpleasant ending https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiki_Gyan   5

deepdisco 12 Aug 2015

Whole album for them that like their disco Ghanaian style http://open.spotify.com/album/2f2AauWieTBpHDodyHYOcB

offmessage 5 Dec 2012

Ghanaian disco that could stand up to anything made in the US.

damiancorrigan 9 Mar 2013

move to this every morning and you'll be a better person

marinajenks 30 May 2015