“Perfect accompaniment to a good old cry....”

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Perfect accompaniment to a good old cry....

ArdPad 12 Jul 2015

Probably the most accessible song Diamond Mine, but lively never the less. If you've never heard the album, I commend it to you. You might consider it background music, but only if you're doing something very relaxing or keeping still.

psafloyd 4 Dec 2014

Just beautiful, my favourite male voice in modern music has to be KC   4

MnsrMelancholy 20 Aug 2012

Stunning track from a fantastic album.   1

leesomers75 14 Aug 2013

#SundaySoother ~ pristine, beautiful, quite~   27

christineb 20 Apr 2014

@lindatee jammed a King Creosote song a few weeks ago. It reminded me to revisit this lovely album and what a gorgeous, melancholy song this is. From the 2011 "Diamond Mine" album.   22

mikelowe 17 Mar 2014