Starless by King Crimson


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A remarkable balance between bone-crushing brutality and cerebral complexity. Have a great weekend folks.   20

Bukowski 27 Jun 2014

Signing off....hope to meet again in a better place :) Aptly also my eternal jam....   4

donuno 26 Sep 2015

Partly inspired by my Odyssey (that was fun!), and nothing to do with new year, except this track for me is timeless and is as fresh and beautiful today as the first time I heard it almost 40 years ago.. ..oh and Happy New Year to all - looking forward to more sharing of and listening to great music in 2014, plus a bit of fun along the way :)   10

donuno 1 Jan 2014

So I went to see King Crimson last week in their latest incarnation. As ever it was the bewildering combination of sublime beauty, terrifying power, discordant noodling and maths. And here's a song that contains all of those...

twistymellorman 6 Sep 2015

They played this right after 'One More Red Nightmare'… what a gig! #tillthewheelsfalloff   7

mrbootle 7 Sep 2015

Following the jazz version, a band in studio take on 'Starless'. Peerless music.   10

adrian4acn 20 Jan 2015