Memphis Soul Stew by King Curtis

“Defy you to not smile... or tap a foot”

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Defy you to not smile... or tap a foot   3

wookieshan 23 Mar 2015

(early) #funkyfriday   20

mloup 3 Apr 2014

Where the funk lives. And that has got to be the illest and most suave bassplayer I've ever seen. I really covet his sunglasses.   6

Gummi 3 Sep 2013

1/2 cup bass, 1lb fatback drums, 4tsps boiling guitar, pinch of organ, 1/2 pint horns. Bring to a boil. NOW BEAT...WELL   3

bowiesongs 28 May 2013

# Funky Friday   9

tpjdavies 20 Dec 2013

They had me at four tablespoons of falling Memphis Guitars and half a pint of Horns.......

Bizkniz 1 Aug 2015