Detroit Rock City by KISS

“Some KISS for the beginning of the week.”

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Some KISS for the beginning of the week.   11

metallicagirl 22 Jun 2015

Love this video - a light-hearted take on a classic rock track. Enjoy :)

BD247 18 May 2014

This was an awesome opener last night for one of the best concerts I've ever been to.   2

rexter42 4 Mar 2013

Rock and Roll

Smellyrebel 18 Aug 2013

The local traffic cop loved that this was blaring from my mom-mobile. When I give up coffee this is how I wake up.

AlliThrasher 28 Aug 2013

Detroit files for bankruptcy - rubbish news, obviously, but at least it reminded me of this...   1

TBBYNH 19 Jul 2013