Tonband Laufspur by Kosmischer Läufer

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Martin's idea of using the motorik, hypnotic beat of Krautrock in the training of athletes was taken and exploited by the DDR's state run Olympic Committee. Unable to obtain a licence to play his own music Martin embarked on what he called a decade long 'invisible career' with East Germany's athletic elite his only audience. Mixing electronics with live instruments Martin produced an incredible range of work including music for warmups, running, 'ambient' music to be played in gyms and pieces for artistic gymnastics. The committee called this program State Plan 14.84L, Martin and his fellow musicians called it 'Projekt Kosmischer Läufer' (Cosmic Runner).

michael_d_wynn 2 May 2014

super kosmiche musik

toozee 26 Jan 2014

An anonymous KrautRock band. A lot of analog synths and progressive transitions helping athletes to keep their rhythm...Beautiful history! A music jewel!   3

Mate0h 4 Feb 2015