Computer Love by Kraftwerk


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As we stumble tearily into the final stretch, here's some German soul music...

JamieOPR 23 Aug 2015

Possibly the prettiest melody ever used in a pop song.   8

BoringPostcards 14 Sep 2012

This has got me humming a Coldplay song...?

voguemode 20 Jun 2015

Kommen sie bitte, und listen to Kraftwerk!   2

TBBYNH 23 Feb 2013

this has to be my fave track by kraftwerk - a clever but terribly sad tune.

ThingInABook 20 Jan 2012

i've jammed this before--i love the air of wistfulness it has, more straight up vulnerable emotion than a lot of the most popular kraftwerk songs though i also love "neon lights"--but it only seems fitting given this morning's news.   4

ifjuly 4 May 2015