Musique Non Stop by Kraftwerk

““Musique Non Stop” by @kraftwerk is my final jam. Thank you @thisismyjam”

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“Musique Non Stop” by @kraftwerk is my final jam. Thank you @thisismyjam

Z303 23 Sep 2015

Boing. Boom-chak. Peng.

palmer_eldritch 3 Jun 2015

‘Musique Non Stop’ #technopop #Kraftwerk   1

bodie0 20 Mar 2014

Great documentary on BBC4 last night - although Paul Morley was a bit over the top!   1

merchiston2 31 Jan 2015

#ABCsOfMe M: There is a theory that I subscribe to that Kraftwerk are the backbone of all modern electronic music. There are strands of their DNA in electropop, electronica and hip hop, so it may not come as a surprise that I went through a serious phase of obsessing over their musique.   3

daftmonk 15 Feb 2015

All time favorites, on mp3 and vinyl of course! Never stops working for me and must listen to very loud.

phytosophie 18 Aug 2014